About Hubba Hubba

Hubba Hubba is a passion project for Cape Town-based Anya Kovacs and Meg Ringdal, who are united in their belief that everyone deserves access to comfortable, fun knickers.

They came together with a lofty vision: to create a fully-inclusive range of panties that are comfortable, funky, and affordable.

They set out to create a brand that celebrates bodies of all shapes and sizes. The knickers are what they both looked for but battled to find: made from soft, comfortable, breathable fabric; in fun designs, for everyday wear.

They have aimed to bring their own core values to the brand and aspire to make it as socially and environmentally conscious as possible. Each pair of panties is handmade locally in South Africa with great consideration: small batches; high quality for longer wear; minimal single-use plastic; and fair labour. Hubba Hubba is dedicated to learning as they go, and prioritising the environment in all their decisions.

About Anya

A self-taught sewist and fabric nerd, Anya works as a freelance corset maker and costume fabricator. When she isn't bedazzling a corset or planning World Panty Domination she is usually found binging historical fashion channels on YouTube and planning her next snack.

About Meg

Starting as a plus size fashion blogger almost a decade ago, Meg has grown into a passionate advocate for body liberation. She is actively involved in a group of healthcare workers who are passionate about educating about the dangers of diet culture and weight-bias in the healthcare system. As the mother of a toddler, Meg is dedicated to raising kids free from the shackles of body shame. Creating a range of inclusive garments is a lifelong dream come true for her. When she's not plotting world domination via your pants she loves crafting, halloween and all things spooky.